Beer Choir Public Events


Bring a beer choir Twin Cities event to your community!

  • We tend to have about 200-400 people to our events around the Twin Cities, so we need a good sized venue.

  • There is no "choir" in the traditional sense - when you walk into a venue, you become a part of the Beer Choir! Our main goal is to get people singing, drinking, and having fun with one another.

  • We’re committed to our public events being completely FREE and open to the public.

  • Our general base rate fee for 2019 is $750 for a 2-2.5 hour event, and we ask for the opportunity to sell our merchandise, and pass a tip jar during the event. However, we’re eager to work with our venue partners to come to an arrangement that works for all of us, so please reach out!

  • If you want more information on Beer Choir and to see what it's like in action, check out our Facebook page - we've got a few videos there from previous events.


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